Geoffrey Mouen, Architect


Geoffrey Mouen, Architect

P.O. Box 470441
Celebration, Florida 34747

We are Architects and New Urbanists who design authentic traditional houses, buildings and neighborhoods. Our practice is founded on the idea that excellence in architecture and urban design serves our clients as well as our professional goals. We believe in the continuity of living traditions and strive in our work to create beauty out of the often chaotic present by entering into a dialogue with the past and with the spirit of the places in which we build. Inspired by the aesthetics and cultural value of each unique place our designs draw from their surrounding and seek to connect harmoniously to the built and natural environment.

Through experience, leadership and a positive collaboration we are committed to fulfilling our clients schedule, program and economic goals. We are dedicated to sustainable design in compact, mixed use walkable communities. We individually and corporately strive to respect the natural and built environment and to honor God in our work and our daily lives.


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